Conferences and Keynotes Lectures

1. International Conference Lectures and Major Event Keynote Lectures


Keynote Lecture, ‘The Matrix of Visibility and Legitimacy: Art and Democracy in the Age of Digital Participation’, International Association of Art Critics, annual conference, Taipei, Taiwan November 16-18.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Cosmopolitanism: A World View for Art’, University of California, Irvine, USA, November 14.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Art and the Communicative City’, Chicago Art Institute, Chicago, USA, November 7.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Spaces of the Curatorial and Public Art’, Centre for Contemporary Arts, Singapore, October 19.

Keynote Lecture, ‘On Large Screens and Cosmpolitanism, Graduate Conference, Communication and Media’, National University of Singapore, Singapore, August 22.

Keynote Lecture, ‘John Berger: Runs Like a Rumor and a Legend’, Middlesbrough Institute of Modern Art, Middlesbrough, UK, July 19.


Keynote Lecture, ‘A Visibility Matrix’, Douglas Hyde Gallery, Trinity College, Dublin, Ireland, June 12.

Keynote Lecture, ‘On Art, Mobility and Migration’, Institute of Advanced Studies, Loughborough University UK, June 6.


Keynote Lecture, ‘Making Sense of Public Culture, Dissent and Dispositions’, Law, Literature and Humanities, Association of Australasia, Melbourne Law School, Melbourne, Australia December 14.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Museums and Their Spaces’, Communicative Cities and Urban Space, Fudan University, Shanghai, China November 28.

Keynote Lecture, Museums, ‘Networked Public Spaces and Trans-Institutional Collaborations’, National Gallery of Singapore, CIMAM, Singapore November 10.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Technology and Culture’, 2970°: The Boiling Point’, Practicing Democracy, Gold Coast, Australia, September 7.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Homer and Hospitality’, Documenta, Athens, Greece July 10.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Translations’, Translational Research and Creative Practice Conference, University of
Queensland, Brisbane, Australia April 19.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Does Philosophy Contribute to an Invasion Complex? And Can Art Institute Convivial Spaces?’, Potential Spaces Conference, ZKM Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe, Karlsruhe University, Germany, February 18.


Keynote Lecture, ‘Precarity and Cosmopolitanism’, Performing Precarity: Refugee Representation, Determination and Discourses, Otago University, November 21.

Keynote Lecture, ‘The Constituent Museum’, Middleborough University, September 10.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Does Philosophy Contribute to an Invasion Complex in Europe?’, Museum of Contemporary Art Metelkova, +MSUM. Lubjlana, September 3,

‘Multiculturalism and the Peri-Urban’, Barcelona University, May 12.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Cosmopolitanism and the South’, AcademySpace, Cologne, May 9.

Keynote Lecture, ‘The Struggle with Cultural Difference’, What Time Is It on the Clock of the World: International Festival on Feminism and Public Space.\, Hamburg, May 7.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Migration and the Commons’, Zurich University of Arts, Zurich, May 4.

Keynote Lecture, ‘The Global South’, Aarhus University, Aarhus, April 29.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Aisthesis and the Common: Reconfiguring the Public Sphere’, Montréal: Media@McGill International Colloquium, Montreal, March 19.

‘Habermas’, Sommerville College, Oxford University, February 5.

‘Democracy and Cultural Difference’, Launch of DIEM, Volksbuhne Theatre, Berlin, February 9.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Trans-Formations: Travelling Cultures, Cosmopolitan Identities and Migratory Memories’, PhD seminar, Aarhus, Denmark: Aarhus University, January 28-29.

‘Migration and Cultural Theory’, Copenhagen University, January 27.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Cultural Hybridity and the Cosmopolitan scene in Contemporary Art’, Current Themes in Migration Research: Where Do We Go From Here? Sweden: Malmö University, Willy Brandt Conference, Malmo, January 25.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Cultural Hybridity and the Cosmopolitan scene in Contemporary Art’, Current Themes in Migration Research: Where Do We Go From Here? Sweden: Malmö University, Willy Brandt Conference, Malmo, January 25.


Keynote Lecture, ‘The Challenge of Designing Arts and Cultural Precincts in the Age of Participation’, Singapore Dreaming Conference, February 6-7.

Keynote Lecture, ‘The Journeys and On Kawara: In Motion There is the Encounter with Time and Space.’  Duologues On Kawara, Guggenheim Museum, New York, March 31.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Art in an Emerging Global Society’, Documenta1997-2017: Expanding Thought-Collectives, Kassel, July 17.

Keynote Lecture, ‘The Ending of Multiculturalism as Global Failure’, University of Barcelona, Cultural Diversity and Productivity, EU Horizon 2020, October 5.


Keynote Lecture, ‘Art in a Borderless World’, Future/Forward: The National Visual Arts Summit, NAVA, Sydney, November 6-7.

‘Cosmopolitanism and the Margins’, Voice, Space and Citizenship, KTH Royal Institute of Technology, Stockholm, October 30-31.


Keynote Lecture, ‘The Cosmos and the Diaspora’, Rethinking Diaspora, Oxford University, Oxford. July 2.

Keynote Lecture ‘Towards an Insurgent Cosmopolitanism’, 4th Former West Congress, Berlin, March 18 – 24.


Keynote Lecture, The Scenes of Cosmopolitanism, Migration, Memory and Place, Danish Network for Cultural Memory Studies and Network for Migration and Culture, University of Copenhagen, December 6.

Keynote Lecture, The Widest Possible Frame for Art, World Biennale Forum No 1, Gwangju, October 28,

Keynote Lecture, ‘Color is the Place Where the Universe and the Mind Meet’, John Berger Conference, Kings College, University of London, September 7.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Art Making Worlds: Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism’, Documenta XIII, Kassel, June 18.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Aesthetics Cosmopolitanism and Activist Multiculturalism’, Multiculturalism and its Discontents, University of Wollongong, May 10.

Keynote Lecture, ‘The Worlds of Art’, Prefix Institute of Contemporary Art, Toronto, February 8.


Keynote Lecture, ‘Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism from Asia’, Nanyang Academy of Fine Arts, Singapore, September 19.

Keynote Lecture and Interview with Jacques Ranciere, ‘Ranciere and the Autonomy Project’, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, October 8.

Keynote Lecture, ‘The Affect of War’, Artistic Responses after 9/11, Aarhus University.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Learning Difference and Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism’, Education Studies Conference, Hobart, November 27.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Large Screens and Transnational Public Spheres’, Cinema, Theatre, Publics, School of Architecture and Design, University of Tasmania, Launceston, November 24.


Keynote Lecture, Paul Klee Summer Academy, Berne Kunsthalle, Switzerland, August 11-18.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Nations in the History of Art’, Toronto University, October 2.

Keynote Lecture (The Annual Lecture), School of Art, Australian National University, October 13.

Keynote Lecture, ‘What is the South?’, A Mezzogiorno Dell’Arte, Lum University, Bari Italy, December 4.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Cosmopolitanism and the Work of Jennifer Tee’, Museum De Paviljoens, Amere, Holland, December 1.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Aesthetic Cosmopolitanism’, Cyprus Ministry of Arts, Old Power House, Nicosia, December 7.


‘What is the South?’, South, south, south, south… SITAC VII: Seventh International Symposium on Contemporary Art Theory, Centro Cultural Universitario Tlatelolco, Mexico City, January 29-31.

‘The Spectacle of Democracy after the War on Terror’, Dramatic Art and Democracy, Swedish National Academy of Theatre and Drama, City Hall, Lund, March 13-15.

‘Cultural Translation or the Zombification of the Other’, Diaspora: 10th Biennale de Lyon, Ecole normale supérieure Lettres et sciences humaines, Lyon, December 2.

‘Aesthetics and Politics in the Age of Spectacle’, Garanti Galeri – Platform Garanti, Instanbul, October 24.

‘Integration, Assimilation, Identity’, European Music Conference, Immigration and Multiculturalism: The Musical Dimension, Athens, April 23-26.

‘Art and the Cosmopolitan Imaginary’, National Museum of Contemporary Art, Athens, November 28.


Cosmopolitan Assemblages, Art History and Diaspora, Clark Conference 2008, Williamstown, Mass., April 24.

‘The Art of Collaboration and the Politics of Spectacle’, Global Institute at Gwanju Biennale, Gwanju South Korea, August 27.

‘Ambient Fears’, Dictionary of War, Symposium for Taipei Biennial, Taipei, October 25,

‘Art and Collaboration’, European League of Art of Schools (ELIA) Biannual conference, Gothenburg, Sweden, October 28, 2008, lecture also presented as Shift Lecture, Malmo University, November 30, 2008, and ‘New Communities Conference’ School of Fine Art, Royal Academy of Sweden, November 7.

‘Cosmopolitanism and Cultural Translation’, IMER, Malmo University, November 1.

‘Large Screens, Cultural Creativity and the Global City’, Asian Design Cultural Conference, Singarope Management Conference, Singapore, November 27-28.


‘The radial paradox of Park Seo-Bo’, Gyeonggi Museum of Modern Art, Korea.

‘Hybridity and Politics in the Neo-Liberal Age’, Be(coming) Dutch, caucus and fora, Van Abbe Museum, Eindhoven, Holland.


‘Economies of Culture Symposium’, Auckland Art Gallery and Department of Sociology, University of Auckland, Auckland, New Zealand

International Conference of Year of Cultural Diversity, Stockholm, Sweden.

‘Cosmopolitanism and the Hospitality of Art’, Adelaide Festival of Visual Art, Adelaide.


‘The Egnatia Project’, Yeni Tzami, Thessaloniki Interdisciplinary Conference, Greece

‘Managing Cities: Diversity and Difference’, Transnational Equal Conference, Malmo, Sweden.

‘Art in the Age of Siege’, Willy Brandt Lectures,  Malmo University, Sweden.

‘Topographies’, Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow.

‘Art and Cosmopolitanism’, Gwanju Biennale Forum, Gwanju, Korea.

‘Mobility and Fear’, Transit Migration project, Cologne Kunstveriein, Cologne, Germany.


‘Art and Politics’, NAVA Forum, Adelaide Writers Festival.

‘Hybridity in Art’ CIMAM, (ICOM), Leeum Museum, Seoul, October 2004.

‘Collaboration and the Image of the Ruin’, Contemporaneity and Modernity Conference, University of Pittsburgh,


‘Aesthetics and Ethics’, ARCO, Madrid.

‘Art, Place and Context’, Teore/Tica Foundation, Costa Rica.

‘The fears of Cultural Difference’, Transculturalism Conference, Canadian Studies International, Montreal.

‘Ambient Fears on the Arrival of the Other’, University of Sur Orsola, Naples 2003: ‘The Invasion Complex’, Humanities Conference, University of Aegean, Rhodes.


‘Collaboration and Connectivity’, Arco, Madrid.

‘Art after Duchamp, From Material Things’, Arts Council of England and British Museum.

‘De-skilling and Re-skilling the Arts’, ACUAD, annual conference, Griffiths University, Brisbane.

‘The Place of Art’, Smart Arts, CREARTA, University of Technology Sydney.


‘Theory and Contemporary Art Practice’, CHEAD, Annual Conference, Granda Spain.

‘Art and the Politics of the Everyday’, The Mission of Art, convened by Cathrin Pichler, University of Applied Arts, Vienna.

‘Boredom and Resistance: The Places of Cultural Identity’, Transculturalism, convened by Academica Sinica, Taipei.

‘Art& Cultural Difference & Globalization’, Artspace and the College of Fine Arts University of New South Wales, Sydney.

‘9/11 and the politics of the image’ ARS 01: Unfolding Perspectives, Centre for Contemporary Art Kiasma, Helsinki, Finland.


‘The Art of Displacement’, Perth Institute of contemporary art, Western Australia.


‘Mimicry and Trace in the Image’, Liverpool Biennale, Liverpool, UK.

‘Cultural Difference in Contemporary Australian Art Australian and New Zealand Art Historians Conference, Wellington New Zealand.


‘Art and exile’, National Gallery of Canada, Ottawa.


‘Photography after the Politics of Displacement’, Keynote Address, British Photography Conference, York.


‘Home in Modernity’, Tate Gallery, Liverpool. Also delivered at the Moscow School of Social
Science, Moscow; Eurofor Conference on Migration Culture and Globalization, Athens.


‘Ethics and Incommensurability’, Multicultural Critical Theory, University of Victoria, Canada.


‘British Art and Cultural Difference’, Splendid Isolation, DAAD, Berlin, Germany.

‘Minority Discourse and Global Culture’, University of California, Davis, April.


‘Centre and Periphery’, Institut Des Hautes Etudes En Arts Plastiques, Paris, December.


‘The Ends of Migration’, Keynote Lecture for the Opening of the 1992-3 Sydney  Biennale.

2. Academic contributions to conferences and seminars (by invitation)


On Interdisciplinary Research, AECURN, RMIT, August 8.

Castoriadis in the Antipodes, Thesis 11, La Trobe University, 20 November.


L’Internationale, Design Hub, RMIT University, Melbourne, October 6.

Homer’s Odyssey, 10 Great Books, Melbourne University, September 27.

Multicultural Symposium, Arts Centre, Melbourne, February 25.


Welcome, Panel Chair and Closing Statements, ‘IsleLanders’: Darrin Zammit Lupi, The University of Melbourne European Union Centre on Shared Complex Challenges, Carlton, VIC, September 17.

Let’s talk: GREXIT. Melbourne Business School Student Association in conjunction with Deputy Dean Nasser Spear, The University of Melbourne, Melbourne, September 15.

Panel Speaker. A lot can happen in 21 years in culture, ethnicity and health, Centre of Culture, Ethnicity and Health, Monash University, Melbourne, September 1.

Keynote Lecture, ‘Art from the Global South’. Keynote lecture. Borderless Futures: Reimaging the Citizen Conference, Ballarat, August 29.

Guest Lecture, Architecture, Faculty of Art, Design and Architecture, Monash University, August 27 (invited bymPractice Professor, Nigel Bertram).

Speech, Melbourne Art Foundation Awards for the Visual Arts, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, August 20.

The Occasional Address. Conferring of Degrees Ceremony, The University of Melbourne, July 29.

Panel Chair: Institutions and Publicness, What Can Art Institutions Do? Institute of Modern Art: 40 Years Symposium, July 10-11.

Speech, Writing Landscape, Phillip George, Australian Centre of Contemporary Photography, Sydney, April.

Lecture and book launch for Peter Beilharz Thinking the Antipodes: Australian Essays, Monash University Publishing, Greek Centre for Contemporary Cultures, Melbourne, March 9.

Introduction speech and host to Gary Foley lecture at Greek Centre for Contemporary Culture, ‘Reclaiming Our Common Heritage’, March 5.

Panel presentation on Cultural engagement session at The University of Melbourne’s Deans and Heads Conference, Torquay, VIC, February 12.


‘The Future of Cultural Precincts’, Symposia on Migration, Deakin University 10-11 November.

‘Re-Publics’, Competing Urbanisms Workshop, University of Melbourne, November 5.


Large screens and the transnational public space’, stakeholder roundtable, Federation Square, October 17.

Chair and introduce panel on Large Screens, 19th International Symposium on Electronic Art, Sydney University June 12.


The Cosmopolitan Imaginary, Upsalla University, December 12.

The Transnational Cultural Sphere, University of Stockholm, December 10.

Aesthetics Cosmopolitanism, Lecture of Excellence, University of Odense, December 3

Cosmopolitanism, Politics and Aesthetics, University of Copenhagen, December 7

Into Cosmos: Contemporary Art and the Cosmopolitan Imaginary, Aesthetics & Subversion, Zurich School of Art, November 29-30.

Large Screens, Translations and Topologies, & Multicultural Perspectives, both at Crossroads, Cultural Studies Association Congress, Sorbonne, Paris, July 2-6.


Panel Speaker, ‘Declarations of Law’ Faculty of Law, University Of Melbourne.

Zombie Multiculturalism Seminar, IMER, University of Malmo, Malmo, Sweden.

Lecture on Art and Collectives, Valand Art Academy, Goteborg, Sweden.


The Homeless Citizen, Staff Seminar, Imer, Malmo University, Sweden, February 2.

The Invasion Complex, Staff Seminar, Malmo University, Sweden.

Art and Opposition, Malmo Art Academy, Lund University.

The Refugee Crisis and Australian Multiculturalism, Cultural Encounters, Roskilde University, Denmark.

‘Waiting for the Barbarians’, Department of English, Mainz University, Germany.

Ambient Fears, Staff Seminar, Imer, Malmo University, Sweden.

Fear of Hybrids and the Traffic of Art, Cornerhouse Gallery and Manchester Metropolitan University Lectures, Manchester, UK.

The Invasion Complex, Tema, Linkopping University, Norrkopping, Sweden.

Art and Fear, Trondheim Art Academy, Trondheim, Norway.

Art and Fear, Bergen Art Academy, Bergen, Norway.

The Politics of Fear, Postgraduate Research day, Faculty of Education, York University, Toronto, Canada

Topographies, Chelsea / Wimbledon School of Art, London.

On Cosmopolitanism, Cultural Theory Institute, University of Manchester, Manchester

Art and Cosmopolitanism’ Glasgow School of Art, Glasgow.


Cities in Ruins, Cultural Studies Graduate Seminar, Goldsmiths College, University of London, February.

‘Research Culture and the Creative PhD’ Innovations Conference, Victorian College of the Arts, Melbourne, May.

Alterity and Hospitality, Centre for Art History and Theory Conference, Leeds University, Leeds, June.

Ambient Fears and Global Migration, Conference presenter, CERC, University of Melbourne, November.


Centre for Cross Cultural Research, ANU, Canberra.

Cities and their peripheries, Dept of Sociology, University of Manchester


‘Hybridity and cultural theory’, Center for ethnic and race relations, Warwick University.


‘Land Rights and the Aesthetics of Aboriginalities’, Department of Sociology, Durham and also Granada Centre for Visual Anthropology, Manchester

‘The Politics of Metaphor’, Kent Institute of Art and Design, Canterbury.

‘The Politics of Incommensurability’, Monash University, University of Tasmania, Australian Centre for Contemporary Art, Melbourne August – September 1994, Department of Sociology, Keele University.


‘Cultural Dynamics of Displacement in Modernity’, Faculty of Cultural Studies, Goldsmiths College University of London, March.

‘Culture, Colonialism and Modernism’, British Art Historians Conference, Leeds University.

‘The Method of Metaphor’, History of Art, Goldsmiths College University of London.

‘Rethinking Autobiography’, Second Greek-Australian Literature Conference, R.M.I.T. Coburg,.

‘Homi Bhabha’s theory of Cultural Difference’, English Department, University Of Queensland, Brisbane.

‘Cultural Dynamics and Interpretations of Modernity’, University of Sydney, Sydney.

‘The Semiosphere and its Limits’, Australian Art Historians Conference, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.

‘Greece and Europe, Periphery and Centre?’, Modern Greek Studies Association of Australia and New Zealand,
LaTrobe University.