Invitation to Serve as External Examiner

2020                   PhD, Arlo Mountford, Monash University.
2019                   PhD, Line Marie Thorsen, Aarhus University, Denmark.
2017                   PhD, Timothy Andrews, La Trobe University.
2017                   PhD, Cameron Bruhn, RMIT.
2017                   PhD, Katherine Beynon, Monash University.
2017                   PhD, Shelley McSpedden, Monash University.
2016                   PhD, Stuart Ringholt, School of Art, Monash University.
2015                   PhD, School of Architecture & Design, RMIT University.
2015                   PhD, The University of Sydney.
2014                   PhD, Samid Suliman, University of Queensland.
2013                   PhD, Krasimir Krasteve, Victoria University.
2013                   PhD, Bettina Roesler, University of Western Sydney.
2013                   PhD, Chrisoula Lionis, University of New South Wales.
2012                   PhD, Ron Left, Aukland University.
2012                   PhD, Robert Ern-Yuan Guth, Australian National University.
2012                   PhD, Natasha Carrington, Monash University.
2012                   PhD, Eve-Anne O’Regan, University of Western Australia.
2011                   PhD, Peter Charuk, College of Fine Arts, University of New South Wales.
2011                   PhD, Melanie Dodd, RMIT University.
2011                   PhD, Camilla Roestroff, Aarhus University, Denmark.
2010                   PhD, Oliver Watts, University of Sydney.
2010                   PhD, John di Stefano, Massey University, New Zealand.
2010                   PhD, David Wicks, RMIT University.
2010                   PhD, Saara Liinamaa, York University, Toronto, Canada.
2009                   PhD, Kisten Mosiewicz, Edinburgh University, UK.
2007                   PhD, Nadja Stammelsberg, Goldsmiths College, University of London.
2007                   PhD, Markus Friedrich Pangerl, Australian National University.
2007                   PhD, Lucille Clements, University of Technology.
2007                   PhD, Polixeni Papapetrou, Monash University.
2007                   MFA, Stuart Solman, University of Tasmania.
2007                   PhD, Stephen Neille, RMIT University.
2006                   PhD, Philip George, University of Western Sydney.
2005                   MA, Benedict Anderson, Architecture, RMIT.
2004                   MA, Roger Wood, Architecture RMIT.
2004                   MA, Randall Marsh, Architecture, RMIT.
2004                   PhD, Lyndell Brown, College of Fine Arts, UNSW.
2003                   PhD, Jenny Lowe, Architecture, RMIT.
2002                   PhD, Adrian Parr, Department of Visual Culture, Monash University.
2002                   PhD Phillip Mar, Department of Anthropology, University of Sydney.

Mentor and Professional Referee


Dr David Nolan, Dr Wonsun Shin, Natalya Lusty, Dr Rimi Khan, Hannah McCaan, Harriet Parson, Greg Leman, Dr Fran Martin, Nur Shkembi, Marc Mierowsky, Sadiah Boonstra, David Pledger, and Dr Danielle Wyatt.


Christian de Beudebaeker, Wonsun Shin, and Anja Kanngeiser.


Mentorships for Linkages Programmes: Dr Scott Wright and Dr Mark Davis.

McKenzies Fellowship Application: Dr Dan Edwards, The University of Melbourne.

Academic promotion: Associate Professor Ingrid Volkmer, The University of Melbourne.

Postdoctoral applications: Dr Vivien Gerrard, Dr Dan Edwards, Dr Danny Butt, Dr Christian De Beukelauer, and Dr Rimi Khan.

Linkage mentorship: Eddie Patterson.

Postgraduate Fellowship: Dr Elin Nicholson, Centre for Cultural Partnerships.

Report: Dr Samid Suliman, Lecturer, Migration and Security Studies, Griffith University.

Report: Adjunct Professor John Lechte, Emeritus Application, Department of Sociology, Macquarie University.

Report: Dr Gary Foley, promotion to level E, Victoria University.

Global Art and the Practice of the University-Museum, book proposal submitted to Routledge Museum and Heritage Studies: Jane Chin Davidson and Sandra Esslinger eds.

Book endorsement: Handbook of Textile Culture, 10 June 2015.

Book endorsement: Miya Christensen.


Future Fellowship applications (FT14): Dr Fran Martin, Dr Robert Hassan.

Discovery Project: ‘Impact and Sustainability of Creative Social Enterprise’, Dr Grace Dr Marie Mcquilten, Dr Anthony George White, and Dr Ben Neville.

Discovery Project: ‘The Museum as a Scene of Crime’, Dr Alison Young and Dr Lachlan McDowell.

Discovery Project: ‘Media and China’, Dr Fran Martin and Dr Audrey Yue.

Discovery Project: ‘Youth and the Internet’, Dr Robert Hassan and Dr Ingrid Volkmer.

Discovery Project: ‘Transnational Identity’, Dr Audrey Yue.

DECRA: ‘Crisis Media, the influence of social media on the experience of disasters’, Dr Alexander Lambert.

DECRA: ‘Civic Media and networked city’, Dr Tom Apperly.

DECRA: ‘Cultures of Making Innovation Ecology’, Dr Xin Gu.

Linkage Project: ‘Cultural Indicators and Migrant Youth’, Dr Audrey Yue and Dr Rimi Khan.

Reader for Competitive Grants

2004 – ongoing      ARC Discovery Projects, Linkage Projects and Laureate Professor.

2019                        Referee for Bogliasco Foundation, Italy.

2013                        Vienna Science and Technology Fund, Transition Call 2013.

2007                        Marsden Fund, Royal Society of New Zealand.

2007                        Australia Council, Inter-Arts.

2006                        Australian Research Council (expert of international standing).

2004                        Australian Research Council (Australian Reader).

2000                        Australian Research Council (Australian Reader).

1996                        Australian Research Council (Australian Reader).

1992                        Australia Council: Multicultural Arts.

Reader – Manuscripts for Prestigious Publishing Houses

MIT Press (USA), Blackwell-Wiley (UK), Routledge (UK), Bloomsbury, Open University Press (UK), Manchester Press (UK), Palgrave (UK), MacMillan(UK), University College London Press (UK), Ashgate Press (UK), Allen & Unwin (Australia), Polity Press, (UK), Rivers Oram Press (UK), Zero Books (UK).

Referee – Academic Journals

Anti-Thesis, Architectural Theory Review, Australian Journal of Art History, Broadsheet, Continuum, Crossings, Cultural Studies Review, Culture and Society, Discipline, E-Maj, Ethnic and Race Relations, Identities, International Journal of Cultural Policy, International Journal of Cultural Studies, International Migration, Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, Journal of Ethnicity and Migration Studies, Journal of Historical and Cultural Studies, Journal of Material Culture, Leonardo, Limina, Media International Australia, Performance Paradigm, RUPC Working Papers, Synthesis, Text, Theatre Research International, Theory, Culture and Society, Third Text, Traffic, Urban Studies.

Appointment to International Editorial Boards (*appointments ongoing)

2013 Advisory Board, Journal of Greek Media and Culture, (Intellect).
2013 Editorial Board of Journal of Aesthetics and Culture, Aarhus University
2013 International Advisory Board, Conjunctions: Transdisciplinary Journal of Cultural Participation, Aarhus University
2013 Advisory Board, Synthesis: Journal of comparative literary studies, University of Athens
2012 South, (Greece)*
2012 Identities: London School of Economics*
2012 Public’s: Art, Culture Ideas: York University*
2012 Open Access Books: Versita*
2011 Omes: Journal of Cultural Studies (Korea)*
2011 Crossings, Peter Lang*
2011 Identities, Routledge *
2007 – 2012 Subjectivity, Palgrave,
2006 Performance Paradigm: Journal of Performance and Contemporary Culture*
2005 Common Ground, Journal for New Directions in Humanities*
1998 – 2003 Third Text, Routledge