Australia Research Council (ARC) and External Funding


ARC DP 180100662 Visual Communication and the Temporality of the Digital Image, with Professor Scott McQuire, Professor Sean Cubitt, Associate Professor Daniel Palmer and Professor Celia Lury, $290,000.

In conjunction with Greek Community of Melbourne, raised $2.5 million for the establishment of a Hellenic Chair in Diaspora and Cosmopolitan Studies at the University of Melbourne, with Professor Milam successfully gained University support for approval from BIP funds for the remained $2.5 million contribution.


Evaluation report on the Lonsdale Street Greek Festival, City of Melbourne, Melbourne, $100,000. (2017-2018)

Teaching relief for writing of Book for L’Internationale, Van AbbeMuseum, Eindhoven, The Netherlands, $20,000.

Editing section on Mobility for “Voices” NGV Triennial 2017-8, National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne, $10,000.

ARC DP170102796 Art Precincts and Cultural Participation in Networked Public Space, with Professor Audrey Yue, Professor Scott McQuire, Professor Paul Carter; Professor Lily Kong; Professor Ute Bauer; Professor Janine Marchessault, $347,500. (2017-2020)

ARC LE170100116 The Aboriginal History Archive, with Professor Gary Foley, Dr Anthony Birch, Associate Professor Gavan McCarthy, Professor John Maynard, Dr Edwina Howell, Professor Jon Altman, Professor Larissa Behrendt, Professor Victoria Haskins, Associate Professor Melinda Hinkson, Professor Graham Smith, Dr Andrew Schaap, Professor Linda Smith, Ms Margo Neale, Ms Libby Stewart, $475,000. (2017-2019)


Migration Monument, with Daniella Trimboli, Prof Callum Morton & his team of architects, landscapers & art curators, winning bid for site-specific public art installation for Immigration Place, Canberra, $5 million with RUPC to receive $150,000. (2015-2017)

Cultural Base (EU), Social Platform on Cultural Heritage and European Identities, University of Barcelona ‘to spearhead and facilitate a collective reflection that informs the direction of research in the field of cultural policy in Europe and to which stakeholders from the wide eco-system of cultural practice, policy and research, UDEUSTO researchers among these, will be contributing’. (2015-2017)

Participating member in EU Project on Mobility, UniSA Hawke Centre.


Melbourne Art Fair, Going Public, and Autotune Everything Lectures and Forums, $100,000. (2014-2016)


ARC LP120200302 Museum of New and Old Art (MONA) and the Social and Cultural Coordinates of Urban Regeneration through Arts Tourism, with Professor Adrian Franklin and Professor Justin O’ Conner, $201,404.

ARC DP120102664 Participatory Public Space: A Right to the Networked City, with Associate Professor Scott McQuire, $347,210. (2012-2014)


ARC LP110100039 Multiculturalism and Governance: Evaluating Arts and Policies and Engaging Cultural Citizenship, with Professor Ghassan Hage and Dr Audrey Yue, $422,000. (2011-2015)


ARC LP0989302 Large Screens and the Transnational Public Sphere, with Scott McQuire, $535,000. (2009-2013)


ARC DP0772759 Public Screens and Their Transformation of Social Interactions in Public Spaces, with Scott McQuire and Sean Cubitt, $368,000. (2007-2009)

Invited by Federation Square to conceive a thematic structure and list of key speakers for Urban Screens Melbourne 08: Mobile Publics international conference to be staged at Federation Square in Melbourne, 3-5 October 2008, $80,000. (2007-2008)


ARC DP045158, The Spatial Impact of Digital Technology on Contemporary Art and New Art Institutions, with Scott McQuire, $350,000. (2004-2006)

ARC LE0453517 240x360 Degree Digital Video Camera for Interactive Immersive Visualization Research Applications, with ICinema UNSW, one of 11 CIs, $205,800. (2004-2005)

ARC LPO453638 Reformulating Museological Narrative Using Three Models of  Cinematic Interactivity’, one of 10 CIs, with iCinema UNSW, $128,205. (2004-2005)              

Australia Council, ‘Diasporic Networks’, with Scott McQuire, $77,000.

Australian Centre for the Moving Image, staging ‘Empires, Ruins + Networks: Art in Real Time Culture’ conference, April 2004, in kind support of $89,000.


Established an artist in residence program at the VCA funded by Arts Council of England, $20,000 per annum.


Australia Council, ‘Visual Arts and Craft Board’, with Juan Davila and Constanze Zikos, $20,000.


Australia Council, Community Development Grant for Art and Cultural Difference Conference, with Nick Tsoutas, $66,000 + $50,000 in-kind support from Artspace.


Arts Council of England, ‘Cultures in Art’, with Stephen Snoddy, Cornerhouse Gallery UK, 55,000 pounds.

Internal Funding (University of Melbourne)


Artshouse City of Melbourne & Emergency Management Victoria, Final Evaluation Report on Refuge Program, $45,000.


School of Culture and Communication, Research Theme Development, for Communicative Cities, $15,000.

SCC Research Theme Development for Communicative Cities for Postnational Art – RUPNA, $15,000.

SCC Engagement and Advancement and Media and Communication Program awarded for Professor Michael Taussig public lecture, $2,000 and $500 respectively.

SCC Phd Completion Award for Jasmin Pfefferkorn, $7,500.

Centre of Visual Arts, VCA, Lead for Research Themes on Communicative Cities, $15,000.

School of Culture and Communication, Publication Grant, Translation of Cosmopolitanism and Culture, $5,000.

School of Culture and Communication, Engagement Grant for Refuge Symposium, $5,000.

Melbourne Institute for Sustainable Societies, Engagement Grant for Refuge Symposium, $5,0000


School of Culture and Communication, Research Theme Development for Communicative Cities, $15,000.

Centre of Visual Arts, VCA, Lead for Research Themes on Communicative Cities, $15,000.

School of Culture and Communication, Publication Grant for On Art and Friendship, $5000


Arts Faculty Engagement Committee funding (Ien Ang and Anthony Elliott).


Cultural and Community Relations Advisory Group (George Marcus visiting fellow).

Macgeorge Visiting Speaker/Performer (Mark Cheetham, cancelled due to illness)


Communication Alliance and IBES Funded project and fellowship, ‘Participatory Public Space’, with Associate Professor Scott McQuire, Professor Nikos Papastergiadis, Dr Frank Vetere, Dr Martin Gibbs, $147,0000 and $55,000 from each respective organization for a total of $192,000.

UoM Interdisciplinary Seed Funding, ‘Migrant Youth and the Cultural Dynamics of Transnational Connectivities’, with Professor Fazal Rizvi, Professor Nikos Papastergiadis, Dr Frank Vetere, Dr Radhika Gorur, $50,000.


MRO, Near Miss Funding for ARC Discovery Project, first named of 6 Cis, $17,000.

Arts Faculty and MRO Support for Large Linkage Project Development, first Nnamed of 2 CIs, $20,000.


Arts faculty and MRO Support for Centre of Excellence Proposal development, $10,000.


Early Career Grant, University of Melbourne, $20,000.